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I welcome you to this community of women who praise and cherish their brave spirit, creativity and who put FUN on the first place.

Welcome to dressme-daily.com, site that posts best fashion ideas for ladies, picked from any online store in the world!

I wish to create comfy place for you here so you could check and enjoy really cool fashion ideas with my reviews in English ( and I am from beautiful Croatia).

Hope you can share your thoughts in comment or just check in saying hi! I would love to meet you and hear about your style. So let us meet in the comment section or through social networks.

My name is Tonka and I am daily blogging about ladies fashion items that I’ve chosen from any online store in the world.

This is me.


I love to talk about easy topics like enjoying in the sun, sea, great parties, nice friendships, good vibes, beautiful presents, fantastic experiences, cool women clothes, great health, love, being free, experiencing life, successful people, happy people. I love making someones day and I love to give compliments!

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