Hi guys!

Hope you are all doing great and having fun. I am at the place where I am not posting much because I am busy with some personal things that are asking not to be ignored for any longer. But the time is coming that I will be posting some cool stuff more often than not.

So, lets go into todays topic.

I feel like the plaid pants are definitely very interesting and something I don’t see everyday on women around me! Anyone else have this experience.

I have ordered quite a few items from Free People in the last few months. I love their design and quality of the items. I love how their clothes fits me and the most I love how it makes me feel. I am quite a sensitive personality so I do care a lot about how things make me feel. Free People brand tend to make me feel happy after I order and receive the order.

I also love their blogs and community situation. I am not saying that each and every piece I got was super quality. Nop. The first order that I did with them years ago was one item and it was awful. It was the wrong size and material was not good quality. So before I got that item I ordered some more. And thank God I did because that other order was a big YES! So I just kept ordering and loving it all these years. I love their story, and social media, and their customer service is so so so FAST and helpful every single time.

Plaid pants are something I did wear more of when I was 15. Now I am 34 so I guess I started to like them again. I feel that I could rock this style. In my surroundings people tend not to wear boyfriend style jeans. Mostly they wear skinny style.

These plaid pants are definitely not usual. The waist band looks special as well as weird bow in the bottom of legs. The colours are nice and go with anything I believe.

What do you think?

plaid pants

plaid pants

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