bell sleeved shirt

Hello everybody!

It is Thursday and I am posting this ruffle sleeved off shoulder baggy top I found on I see this bell sleeve trend everywhere nowadays and I like some of it. I feel like this top is really casual and not girly at all even though it has those ruffles on the sleeves. This top is definitely something I would love to wear.

The top is pretty baggy and off shoulder is always a good addition in my opinion. It would also go excellent with a midi skirt instead of jeans like in these pictures.

I have always loved off shoulder tops. I have never had ruffle top though because I have found most of them too”girly” if you know what I mean. This top looks like it has pretty good combination of a washed out colour and material looking old to look really cool to me. I could wear items like this one with a tons of combination and even all seasons. Yep. I could wear this during Summer or Winter. No problem there.

What do you think?

Keep having fun! Love, Tonka

Bell Sleeved Off Shoulder Baggy Top

Bell Sleeved Off Shoulder Baggy Top

Bell Sleeved Off Shoulder Baggy Top


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